9/29/2012 Gingras/Stokes Wedding Reception at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Congratulations to Lisa & Jeremiah Stokes on their 9/29 wedding day! Highlights included 28 people in the wedding party, a groom’s cake made of FSU cookies, outstanding service from Puff n Stuff catering, and hours of fun on the dance floor. This is the 3rd wedding in the Gingras family I have DJed! Congrats to the cute couple.

Thank you to www.DrakePhotography.com for the pictures! I look forward to looking at the rest of the shots when you put them on your website. The Farmer’s Market is such a unique place to hold a wedding reception. Very rustic with the brick walls. I like the white lights strung on the ceiling which is controlled by a dimmer so you can adjust them any way you want! The building is at a historical location near the rail road tracks in Winter Park. Great place for cool pictures.

I look forward to seeing this group again for another event in the future. There were many single guests there so hopefully there will be another wedding soon. It would be my honor to help them dance the night away once again!

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